Tops In Judaic Stds (Sr)

Tops In Judaic Stds (Sr)

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This course examines the politics of inclusion and exclusion in Western Europe. It focuses primarily on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but begins its examination of the development of the concept of citizen in the revolutionary period of the emancipation of Jews. By comparatively studying the experiences of certain internal outsiders, such as Jews, women, homosexuals, Roma/Gypsies, and colonial subjects, this course probes the meanings of citizenship in Modern Europe. How were certain groups included into civil society while others remain on the outskirts? How did excluded groups fight for rights within society when they were considered non-citizens? How have concepts of citizenship, exclusivity, and diversity changed, developed, deteriorated, or improved over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth century and shaped the landscape of human rights in the modern era? 


Spring 2019
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
HJS 425-001 3.0 Rm.OB3 Sheila Elana Jelen
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