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Phillip Stosberg Alumni feature – Russian Studies

By Kami L. Rice
May 2009

Whatever stereotypes you have of Russian Studies graduates, Phillip Stosberg probably doesn’t fit them. He arrived at UK while a drummer for a Louisville-based chaotic punk band, The National Acrobat, that was sometimes touring nationally. Because he had to find practice space somewhere outside his dorm, living in the UK dormitories for two years was “like living in oblivion as far as drumming goes.”

Dustin Zerrer

Linguistics Undergraduate Student

Kiyo Sakamoto

Sociology Ph.D. Student

Taking On The Big Uglies - 2.6 million grant to study African American female drug use and the effects of the criminal justice system


A wave of current research at the University of Kentucky deals with the "Kentucky Uglies.”  That's the term UK President Lee T. Todd Jr. designated to the state's long-entrenched problems that include poverty, poor health care and illiteracy. 



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