Picture Name Contact
malkh2's picture
POT 1049
cebo225's picture
French TA, Graduate Student
1002 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1136
LCCA223's picture
Graduate Student, Teaching English as a Second Language
313 Bradley Hall
(859) 323-2180
ach272's picture
Teaching Assistant - German
1006 POT
KLCR223's picture
TA in French and Francophone Studies
POT 1002
jhev222's picture
Graduate Student in German
Lacanian Psychoanalysis, 20th-Century Continental Philosophy, German Philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche
JFR259's picture
Teaching Assisstant - German
1006 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Monday 10.30-12.30; by appointment
mcfu222's picture
1002 Patterson Office Tower
sdgi222's picture
Media Mafia
POT 351
jha237's picture
daheve2's picture
Graduate Instructor, English Literature, MA - TESL
1318 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7055
jrla226's picture
TA French Instructor
Modernism, environmental and sustainability studies, Gender & Women's Studies
1002 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1136
wemc222's picture
416 Bradley Hall
ammi228's picture
POT 1002
CEHO242's picture
Classics MA student, Classics TA
1022 Patterson Office Tower
npor222's picture
German Graduate Student
1006 Patterson Office Tower
ssc229's picture
German Teaching Assistant
1006 Patterson Office Tower
akbr229's picture
FR 102 Teaching Assistant, French MA Student
1002 Patterson Office Tower
mcsm224's picture
1006 Patterson Office Tower
jte229's picture
Classics M.A. Student, Classics TA
1022 Patterson Office Tower
arva228's picture
Graduate Student, MA in Classics
History of Classics, Reception Studies (Classics), Intellectual History, Early Modern Europe, Social Theory, Educational Philosophy, political economy, Marxian Criticism
1022 Patterson Office Tower
ywa252's picture
1559 Patterson Office Tower
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