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Math Teaching and Learning Seminar

Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Erica Miller, Kim Rogers, Sean Yee

When: Thursday, Feb 18,  2:00 pm EST


Speaker: Dr. Miller is an assistant professor of math at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her research interests lie in the area of undergraduate mathematics education, primarily in the professional development of graduate student instructors. At Nebraska, she studied graduate student instructors’ growth as teachers as they participated in a professional development program focused on teaching and learning mathematics at the post-secondary level. She also studied the cognitive demand of examples that graduate student instructors enacted in their classrooms and examined the roles of the instructor and the students as they worked through examples. Dr. Miller is currently working on developing an online professional development course for undergraduate mathematics instructors who are striving to teach in a way that aligns with the Mathematical Association of America’s Instructional Practices Guide. As a strong believer in the benefits of active learning for all students, Dr. Miller seeks to engage students in her classroom in hands-on, authentic mathematical explorations.

Title: Examining and Improving the Tools that We Use to Observe Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching

Description: Classroom observation protocols are often used as a tool for providing undergraduate mathematics instructors with teaching feedback and evaluations. But how well do the protocols that we use align with evidence-based teaching practices and what are some improvements that could be made?


Erica Miller