Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number
sdarrat's picture
Suleiman Darrat Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies, emeritus, Division of Russian and Eastern Studies sdarrat@uky.edu
jeric1's picture
John Erickson Professor, French and Italian jeric1@uky.edu 1025 Patterson Office Tower 859-257-7557
gjanecek's picture
Gerald Janecek Professor Emeritus, Russian and Eastern Studies gjanecek@uky.edu 1055 Patterson Office Tower 859-269-4880
mjones's picture
Michael Jones Associate Professor, German Studies mjones@uky.edu POT 1065 257-7011
claphil's picture
Jane Phillips Professor, Classics claphil@uky.edu 1077 Patterson Office Tower 859-257-8340
rtp's picture
Rupert Pickens Professor emeritus rtp@uky.edu
lswift's picture
Lou Swift Professor of Classics, emeritus, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, emeritus lswift@uky.edu
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