Russian Studies Faculty


Russian Studies Faculty and Staff
Gerald Janecek, Professor Emeritus
Mark Richard Lauersdorf, Associate Professor, Director of Research in Computing for Humanities
Edward S. Lee, Associate Professor
Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Professor
Cynthia A. Ruder, Associate Professor
Anna Voskresensky, Lecturer
Tatiana Filosofova, Visiting Lecturer
Affiliated Faculty: Russia & CIS
Stanley D. Brunn, Professor of Geography
Carey Cavanaugh, Professor, Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce
Alice Christ, Associate Professor of Art
Alan DeYoung, Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation


Gordon Hogg, Director of Special Collections, Slavic Librarian
Erin Koch, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Karen Petrone, Professor of History
Daniel Rowland, Associate Professor of History Emeritus
Dmitry Strakovsky, Assistant Professor of Art
Irina Voro, Professor of Music


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