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Mathematics Teaching and Learning Seminar

CB 203
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Ben Braun

Title: Feminist Care Ethics and Mathematics Course Design

Abstract: Feminist ethicists have developed ethical frameworks focused on interdependence, care, and compassion, frameworks that emphasize the centrality of care in conceptions of justice. How can feminist ethics of care inform the design of mathematics courses? For example, how can ethics of care inform our design of assessment structures that are focused on helping students learn rather than evaluation? In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to feminist care ethics and illustrate how these ideas can inform course design in mathematics by describing two of my recent courses: MA 340, Applicable Algebra, and MA 391, Mathematical Composition and Communication. Along the way, I'll discuss some ways to expand on common conceptions of assessment in mathematics (e.g., using writing in math courses, specs or standards-based grading, etc) and to move beyond common perspectives regarding what the "content" of a math course might be.



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