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Senior Lecturer of Chinese Studies, UK Chinese Club advisor, UK Chinese Student & Scholar Association advisor, President of Kentucky Associaton of Chinese Language Teachers (KACLT)
Teaching Chinese as a second language, Instructional strategies and best practices, Curriculum and online curriculum development
1449 Patterson Office Tower
(Office) 859-257-6962
mjones's picture
Professor Emeritus
ske263's picture
Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Reading and Biliteracy Development, Multilingualism, Chinese applied linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Language assessment and instruction
Office: 1471 Patterson Office Tower, Mailing address: 1055 Patterson Office Tower, Lab: 1551 Patterson Office Tower
Office: (859) 323-7307, Lab: (859) 257-9854, Fax: (859) 257-3743
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KEKR222's picture
ila222's picture
Associate Professor in Italian Studies, Language coordinator
Women's Literature and Gender Studies, 20th Century Poetry, autobiography, teaching methodologies and technologies
1463 Patterson Office Tower
eslee's picture
Associate Professor, Russian Studies
Specializes in Russian language instruction, literature and culture and Russian piano music.
1039 Patterson Office Tower
YLI485's picture
Teaching Assistant in Chinese Studies
1006 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6756
clo230's picture
Teaching Assistant in Classics
1022 Patterson Office Tower
llu222's picture
Associate Professor, Chinese Studies
Theater and Performance studies, Propaganda, Sino-Japanese cultural relations, Film Studies, Chinese language and culture, Korean language and culture, Gender Politics, intersectionality, Folklore, Popular Culture, 20th Century Music and Literature, the international avant-garde
1453 Patterson Office Tower (physical address), 1055 Patterson Office Tower (mailing address)
859-257-9139, 859-257-3743 (fax)
LHi227's picture
POT 1007
hmartin's picture
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Greek Literature, Plutarch
amask2's picture
Associate Professor
307 Fine Arts Bldg.
mvma223's picture
Teaching Assistant in German Studies
1002 Patterson Office Tower
amc236's picture
Teaching Assistant in German Studies
1006 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 218-4899
dcjo239's picture
Teaching Assistant in French and Francophone Studies
1022 Patterson Office Tower
mmink2's picture
Professor of Classics, Director of Graduate Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Latin literature in its continuity and Neo-Latin, 12th century Renaissance, Latin Composition, Latin Pedagogy and Active Latin
1037 Patterson Office Tower
ymfo222's picture
Graduate Teaching Assistant in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Teaching English as a Second Language, International Education, Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
1002 Patterson Office Tower
jmu245's picture
Associate Professor, Classics, African American & Africana Studies, Gender & Women Studies
Hellenistic Poetry, Greek and Latin literature, Caribbean Culture and Literature, race studies and racial formation, Imperial Greek Literature
1077 Patterson Office Tower


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