MCLLC advances the understanding and appreciation of language and cultural study domestically and abroad. The department teaches undergraduate and graduate students, pursues research advancing knowledge in language and an array of cultural products (art, film, folklore, literature, music, mythology, religion, theatre), and provides service to the Commonwealth in language instruction and cultural awareness.
07|09|15 - UK Student Interning at Metropolitan Museum - University of Kentucky student Elizabeth Glass is participating in a highly competitive internship at the Cloisters Museum and Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City this summer. - more...
05|28|15 - JET Setters: Three Japan Studies Students Accepted to the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program - Three students of Japan studies have been accepted by the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program, sponsored by the Japanese government. Mikayla Rogers (Japan studies minor), Naomi Hayes (Japan studies minor), and Samantha Warford (Japan studies major) - more...
04|24|15 - Four Japan Studies students earn honors during speech contest - They participated in the annual Kentucky Japanese speech contest that took place in Norsworthy Auditorium, located next to the Fayette County board of education building, on Saturday, April 18, 2015. - more...
04|22|15 - College of Arts and Sciences Recognizes Its Award-winning Faculty - The University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences will honor its faculty at 4 p.m. today at the William T. Young Library Auditorium. - more...
04|20|15 - Brittany Shaver Named 2015 Future K-12 German Teacher Award Recipient - Not only an award-winning student, but Shaver is also working on two master's degrees currently: a Master’s in the Teaching of World Languages, focusing on German – and the other in Teaching English as a Second Language. - more...
04|10|15 - The 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients Announced - There will be an Awards Ceremony to honor the recipients of these and other College awards on Wednesday, April 22 at 4 pm in the WT Young Auditorium. A reception will follow the ceremony. - more...
03|31|15 - Global Literacy Brings the World Closer - The University of Kentucky Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MCLLC) in the College of Arts and Sciences is changing how we think of language studies. - more...
03|27|15 - MCL 200: Global Literacy - The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures is changing how we think of language studies. Since the recent merger of separate language units into a single entity, the 44-member department has set its sights on becoming a more cohesive intellectual community with a unified teaching and research mission. - more...
03|27|15 - Student Success Stories: Jessica Ankenman - From the age of 15 I knew that I wanted to study German. However, I didn’t know what I wanted to do professionally until six years later. The Modern and Classical Languages Department has supported me every step of the way throughout my educational career and helped me make important decisions about my future. - more...
MCLLC Graduate Committee Meeting @ 1045 POT
Year of Europe Kickoff Come to our kickoff event for the Year of Europe! Passport to the World... @ Memorial Hall Lawn
Presented by Professor Leon Sachs (French) Year of Europe Film Screening: The Class (France) "The Class" will be presented and discussed with / by Professor Leon Sachs of... @ WT Young Auditorium
Dr. Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon) Public Lecture: "German Migration to the East in 18th/19th-Century Europe" @ Lexmark Room (Main Building)
Dr. Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon) Seminar Series: "Sociolinguistics of Language and Identity in 'Language Islands' " @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
MCLLC Faculty Meeting @ 18th Floor Boardroom
Dr. Kevin Rottet (Indiana University) Seminar Series: "Language Contact and the Structure of Welsh and Breton" @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Dr. Kevin Rottet (Indiana University) Public Lecture: "Celtic Languages in Historical and Contemporary Perspective" @ J.F. Hardymon Theater (Davis Marksbury Building)
Dr. Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield, England) Seminar Series: "Proximity, boundaries, and cultural prominence: The perception of dialects in Great Britain" @ W.T. Young Library 2-34A
Dr. Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) Public Lecture: "The Roma in Their European Context" @ UKAA Auditorium (W.T. Young Library)
Dr. Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) Seminar Series: "Topics in the Structure of Modern Romani" @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Dr. Karlos Arregi (University of Chicago) Public Lecture: "The Basque Language and People – intriguing origins, complex context" @ TBD
Dr. Karlos Arregi (University of Chicago) Seminar Series: "The Morphotactics of Basque Finite Verbs" @ TBD


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