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MCLLC Programs / MCLLC Major and Minor

MCLLC Major and Minor

The MCLLC Major

The MCLLC major has tracks in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Chinese Studies, Classics, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Japan Studies and Russian Studies. Diplomas for the major will read MCL: followed by the track name. For example: MCL: Classics.

Major requirements: MCL 100: "The World of Language," MCL 200: "Global Literacy," MCL 495: "Senior Capstone," and one MCL cognate class (a course in MCLLC but outside of the student's chosen major track). 12 hours MCL core courses.

Track requirements: 12-18 hours of required track courses and 12-18 hours of track electives. The distribution of hours varies by track, but all tracks require 30 hours focusing on a particular language and culture. In all cases, the major and track requirements combined equal 42 hours, regardless of language track. The number of courses required in the target language varies by track.

The MCLLC Minor

The MCLLC minor has tracks in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Chinese Studies, Classics, Folklore and Mythology, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Japan Studies, and Russian Studies. Each minor track has 2-3 required courses and 3-4 electives. There are 18 hours required for all MCLLC minors.

Languages Taught in MCLLC

MCLLC teaches a total of 10 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Classical Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Russian.

Culture Courses Taught in English in MCLLC

In addition to language courses, MCLLC also teaches a wide variety of courses in English translation focusing on various aspects of culture, including film, folklore, and literature.

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