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About MCLLC / MCLLC Education Abroad Programs

MCLLC Education Abroad Programs

MCLLC offers many study abroad programs for UK students in China, Japan, France, Martinique, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia and Italy. It is our mission to ensure that each student majoring in or studying a world language has the opportunity to experience the culture and daily life of the peoples who speak it. Education Abroad not only improves language ability, but introduces students to an entirely new perspective on the world. For more information on Education Abroad, please visit the Education Abroad website. For information on specific MCLLC programs, please contact the following faculty members:

UK Education Abroad has collaborated with MCLLC to develop major-specific advising resources to assist students with selecting programs that most closely align with each degree program. If a Major Advising Page (MAP) is not yet listed, it does not limit eligibility to participate in an education abroad program. Please visit the Education Abroad Advising Center in Bradley Hall for additional resources and assistance with choosing an appropriate program. All Major Advising Pages are provided in PDF format.