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Research & Initiatives / Max Kade House

Max Kade House

The Max Kade House and Cultural Center has been created to serve the multiple interests and constituencies of the University of Kentucky's Division of German Studies. It provides the department a distinctive site for presenting its varied and frequently interdisciplinary academic, extracurricular and outreach programs.

This exceptional contribution to the University of Kentucky campus is housed in a renovated and expanded Victorian residence built in 1904. Located at 212 East Maxwell Street on the north end of campus, the facility is nestled in a cluster of other historic structures that now house UK's Gaines Center for the Humanities and the Kentucky Humanities Council.

Students are encouraged to consider the Kade House as an important focus of their academic and social life while pursuing their studies at UK. For some students it will even become home. Central to the conception of the Kade House as the core of a living and learning community are its eight student rooms. These rooms are assigned annually to a mix of UK students from the United States and German-speaking countries that commit themselves to maintaining a German-speaking environment. Each room is equipped with direct access to the Internet and the campus cable and satellite communications system, which includes a German-language television channel. A family style kitchen/dining room and basement lounge provide the student residents ample opportunities and space for interaction.