Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby

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Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Virginia, January 1993
Dissertation title “The Voice-Aspect Relationship of Russian Verbs: A Case Study of Reversible Action and Phasal Verbs”
M.A., Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Virginia, May 1986
B.A., Russian, English and German, James Madison University, summa cum laude, May 1984
Graduate Training: 
Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, Primary Concentration in Slavic Linguistics, minor in Slavic Folklore, University of Virginia
  • Russian Folk Religious Imagination, an online multimedia critical edition
  • Sacred Springs in the Gulag
  • Shughni language documentation project

Areas of interest:

  • Russian, Siberian, Central Asian vernacular religion
  • Urban Russian life-cycle and yearly-cycle rituals
  • Russian verbal semantics
  • Cognitive linguistics

Courses taught (at UK and previously):

  • Russian Folklore
  • Introduction to Folklore and Mythology
  • Russian Language
  • Sociolinguistics of the Former Soviet Union
  • Language and Culture
  • Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Vampires: Evolution of a Sexy Monster
Selected Publications: 
  • Village Values: Negotiating Identity, Gender and Resistance in Contemporary Urban Russian Life-Cycle Rituals, Bloomington: Slavica, 2008.
  • Russian Religious Folk Imagination (, web-based critical edition of Russian legends, song, rituals, icons in collaboration with Tatiana Filosofova (University of Kentucky) and Yelena Minyonok (Institute of World Literature)
  • “The Holy Spring of Iskitim, Siberia: The Intersection of Folk Religion, Orthodox Doctrine, and Communist Ideals,” American Contributions to the 15th International Congress of Slavists, Minsk, August 2013, David M. Bethea and Christina Y. Bethin, eds. 30-43.
  •  “Saints, Sinners, and Spirits: Women in the Russian Legend Tradition,” The Paths of Folklore: Essays in Honor of Natalie Kononenko, 2012, 127-143.
  • "Злі/добрі чужинці: євреїта цигани у  слов’янських народних легендах,” Сучасна зарубіжна етнологія. Антологія. Том2. (“The (Un)Clean Other: Jews and Roma in Russian Folk Legends”), 2011, 409-415.
  • “Folk Characteristics of Contemporary Russian Life Cycle Rituals,” American Contributions to the 14th International Congress of Slavists, Ohrid, 2008, 187-202.
  • "The Contemporary Urban Russian Funeral: Folk Tradition and Innovation," Folklorica XII, (2007): 109-128.  
  • "Folk Dance” and “Folk Costume," articles co-authored with Yelena Minyonok, Encyclopedia of Russian Culture, (2006): 214-215.
  • "Игра в современной городской русской свадьбе" [Play in the Contemporary Urban Russian Wedding]," in the volume Traditsionnaia kul’tura. Poiski. Interpretatsii. Materialy, (2006): 71-80.
  • "Russian Birth Customs: Ancient Traditions in Modern Guise," Slavic and East European Journal 47:2, 227-250, 2003.
  • "Victory Day Celebrations: Memory and Validation," Folklorica VIII:2, 24-34, Fall 2003.
  • "Не посылай меня на чужую сторону. Траурные аспекы свадьбы северной России 19ого века глазами американского исследователя [Do Not Send me to a Strange Land. Funerary Aspects of the 19th Century Northern Russian Wedding Through the Eyes of an American Researcher]," Sibirskii filologicheskii zhurnal, No. 2: 13-23, 2003.
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