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Recent Issues:

Vol. 43.1/2 (2010): Cold Fronts. Kältewahrnehmungen in Literatur und Kultur vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert (eds. Inge Stephan and Monika Szczepaniak)

Vol. 43.3 (2010): Screening German Perpetration (eds. Brad Prager and Michael D. Richardson)

Vol. 43.4 (2010): Regular Issue

Vol. 44.1 (2011): Regular Issue

Vol. 44.2 (2011): Dirty Nature. Grit, Grime, and Genre in the Anthropocene (eds. Caroline Schaumann and Heather I. Sullivan)

Vol. 44.3 (2011): Weimar Sound Cinema (eds. Ted Rippey and John Davidson)

Vol. 44.4 (2011): Transnational Hi/Stories (eds.  Ela Gezen and Berna Gueneli)

Vol. 45.1 (2012): Regular Issue

Vol. 45.2 (2012): Heinrich v. Kleist (ed. Joseph D. O'Neil)

Vol. 45. 3/4 (2012): Triangular Readings in German Literature and Culture (eds. Martin Kagel and Alexander Sager)

Vol. 46.1 (2013): Masculinity in Contemporary German Culture (eds. Gary Schmidt and Muriel Cormican)

Upcoming Issues:

Vol. 46.2 (2013): German-Language Crime Fiction (eds. Anita McChesney and Joseph W. Moser)

Vol. 46.3 (2013): Reiseliteratur (ed. Karin Baumgartner)


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