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Degree Programs

Students can choose coursework focused on Africa and the Middle East in the International Studies Major. The interdisciplinary Islamic Studies major and minor introduces students to the culture, language, literature, religion, history and philosophy of Muslim Peoples worldwide. Students will examine both historical and contemporary aspects of Islamic culture. General goals of the program include the development of an appreciation for the contributions of the Islamic civilization to the history of humankind and the acquisition of international perspectives for decision-making in the face of increased political and economic ties with Muslim nations. 

The AIS major requires 42 hours of course work. For details about the courses required for the AIS major, please consult the following pages:

MCL B.A. Major Sheet

MCL B.S. Major Sheet

The AIS minor requires 18 hours of course work. For details about the courses required for the AIS minor, click here.  

For descriptions of all AIS courses, click here.