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Arabic Extracurricular Activities

Arabic Extracurricular Activities

An Annual Language and Cultural Immersion Trip to Dearborn, Michigan:

This two-day trip is free of charge to students of Arabic who would like to experience Arab culture first-hand while in the US as Dearborn has the largest Arab concentration outside the Middle East. The trip includes visits to Arab shops, bakeries, and restaurants, the Arab-American National Museum, and the Islamic Center of North American. The trip is usually sponsored by the College of A&S, AIS, MCLLC, the Vice President Office for Institutional Diversity, and Student Organization and Activities.

Student Testimonials:

What did you like about the trip?

"So much! I liked getting to know other students who are studying Arabic and interested in Islamic cultures. I also loved eating all the different types of food before, it's some of the best food I've had in my life. I also enjoyed going to the mosque because I had never been to one of its size and beauty. I also liked going to various shops and talking with the people working there. I liked the museum a lot as well. I wish it was more art oriented, but it was a good way to have discussions and learn more about the history of Arab people in the United States. Everyone was so nice and encouraged us to continue in our Arabic studies."

"It was a wonderful trip, that I can get to experience Arab culture and the community in person."

"Speaking more dialect."

"I had a great time learning about Arab culture and sharing it with my friends! It was a great opportunity to practice conversational Arabic. :)"

Would you recommend the trip to other AIS students? If so, what would you tell them?

"Yes! I would absolutely recommend this trip to other AIS students. I would tell them how it felt like I was almost in a different country and that its a good taste of Islamic cultures. I would of course tell them all about the wonderful food I had and how hospitable everyone was. I would also tell them that this is a good way to get to know students in different sections of Arabic."

"Absolutely. It is a chance to see what you are actually learning."

"Of course!! It’s a great in-person learning experience that is comparable to studying abroad. The language, food, environment, and culture as a whole was tangible. I would tell them that if they want a real taste of what we talk about in class and study, they should experience it in real life!"

"Definitely, I would say that you can have experience of Middle East without going to Middle East."

"Yes, I would. I would tell them that it is an opportunity to experience a very unique place in America that you otherwise would not get to visit."


An Annual Speech Contest:


This event is held each year in April to celebrate students’ accomplishment in Arabic. Winning students receive book prizes and are featured in the department’s newsletter. The contest is sponsored by MCL and AIS.

2022 contest awardees were: Rowan Cato, Zachary Leach, Jemi Chew, Laura Sustin, Mohammed Abd, Ahmed Khan, Pascalle Le Roy, Malak Alfroukh, Faris Allahham. Congratulations to all! 


A Monthly Culture Coffee Hour  ساعة صَفا


At this monthly event, AIS faculty, students of Arabic, and native speakers of Arabic from the university and the Lexington Arab community do formal and informal presentations on Arab culture. 2022 guest presenters were Ms. Alina Dorosh, Mrs. Wejdan Abualhaija, and UK Omani students: Miysam Al-Azri, Hamed Al-Shaaili, and Almandhar Al-Mamari. AIS is thankful to all!


MCLLC/Arabic Rising Stars:<>


2022 rising stars in Arabic were Simon Adkins and Jemi Chew. Congratulations to both!