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Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

Scholarships and Fellowships for Study Abroad

The Chinese faculty encourage outstanding students in good standing to apply for one of the many competitive national scholarships for study abroad. These include Boren (up to $20,000/year for 6 months or more), the Critical Language Scholarship Program (fully funded summer program, prior study in the language required), Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program (up to $5000 for single semester or summer term, open to Pell Grant recipients), and Freeman Asia grants (up to $3000 for summer intensive study, availability based on financial need). With the consent of the faculty, it is possible that students who wish to apply for these scholarships can use the application to replace a regular assignment for the course or receive extra credit. Please contact your instructor for details.

For more details about any of the scholarship opportunities below, please contact Dr. Patricia Whitlow (, Director of Nationally Competitive Awards at the University of Kentucky.

Boren Awards for International Study
A prestigious national scholarship available for students of critical languages that provides up to $20,000 for a year of language study. Preference is given for students seeking a full year of intensive language study, but applicants may also apply for a single semester.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
A scholarship for students with documented financial needs, available to students who are receiving Pell grants. Minimum length of study is four weeks. Preferred applicants will study for a summer term or a regular semester at an intensive language program in China or Taiwan.

Critical Language Scholarship Program
A prestigious national award, CLS scholarships provide for full funding for intensive language study over the summer at one of several Critical Language Scholarship programs in mainland China.

Freeman Asia Fellowships
A scholarship for students with documented financial needs, available to students who are receiving Pell Grants and other financial assistant. Provides up to $3000 for expenses related to intensive language study during the summer or a single semester.

Education Abroad at the University of Kentucky
Information about scholarships and grants is available through the University of Kentucky Education Abroad office, including a list of external scholarships, some of which may be applied to study abroad in Asia.