Chinese Major Requirements


The Chinese major at UK is designed to provide a strong foundation in the study of both language and culture while giving students the flexibility to pursue their own interests in Chinese culture, literature, history, and language. The total credit hours required is 42.

A. MCL Common Core Requirement. All students must complete the following MCL department requirements or their equivalent. 12 credits.

MCL 100: The World of Language
MCL 200: Global Literacy
Cross-disciplinary requirement: A course at the 200-level offered by MCL in an area other than the student's chosen field of concentration.
MCL 495: MCL Capstone

B. MCL - Chinese Track Requirement. Students must also complete the following track requirements for Chinese. 12 credits.

CHI 301: Advanced Intermediate Chinese (3)
CHI 302: Advanced Intermediate Chinese (3)
CHI 330: Intro to Chinese culture to 1840 (3)
CHI 331: Intro to Chinese culture since 1840 (3)

C. Track Electives. Students must take 18 credits of the following toward a total of 42 credits:

CHI 310: Sounds of East Asian Languages (3)
CHI 320: Gender Politics in Chinese Lit. (3)
CHI 321: Intro to Cont. Chinese Film (3)
CHI 322: Self and Society in Chinese Cult. (3)

CHI 323 Chinese Drama (3)

CHI 333 Chinese Short Stories (3)

CHI 345: Introduction to Early Chinese Thought (3)
CHI 395: Ind. Work in Chinese (variable credit)
CHI 401: Advanced Chinese (3)
CHI 402: Advanced Chinese (3)
CHI 405: Top. TBA(3)
CHI 430: Popular Culture in Mod. China (3)
CHI 450: Daoism, East and West (3)
CHI 495G: Ind. Study (variable credit)
CHI 511: Literary Chinese (3)
CHI 520: Chinese Linguistics (3)
HIS 355: Non-West. History since 1789* (3)
HIS 597: Uses of the Past in Mod. China (3)
HIS 598: Emergence of Mod. China (3)
A&S 300: Special Top. Course* (3)
MCL 375: Language Study Abroad
MCL 376: Cultural Study Abroad

MCL 390 003 Traditional Chinese Medicine (3)

MCL 595 The White Snake (3)

Other study abroad credit as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies

*Subtitle required: The course must cover Asia.

D. In addition to the courses listed above, students may also draw up to 6 credits maximum from the following list of courses toward a total of 42 credits.

HIS 295: East Asia to 1800 (3)
HIS 296: East Asia since 1800 (3)
HIS 593: East Asia since WWII (3)
AH 310: Studies in Asian Art* (3)
TA 584: Asian Theater (3)
GEO 333: Geography of East Asia (3)
MUS 330: Music o/t World* (3)
PHI 343: Asian Philosophy (3)
PS 419G: Gov. and Politics of East Asia (3)

*Subtitle required: The course must cover Asia.