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FLIE Arabic

FLIE/Arabic is an interdisciplinary major which prepares our graduates to become bilingual/bicultural or multilingual/multicultural professionals trained to interact, live, work and travel across borders.  Well prepared to become global citizens of the 21st century and make a difference in today’s world, our graduates pursue careers in International Business, International law, Diplomatic Corps, Non-profit organizations, Foreign and Public Service, Tourism, National security, Publishing, Translation, Journalism, and private business. For more information, contact Professor Aiyub Palmer at or (859) 257-7011, Patterson Office Tower 1063.
Arabic Language Curriculum for FLIE Majors
Track Requirements
AIS 202 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic (3)
AIS 311 Business Arabic (3)
AIS 301 Colloquial Arabic I (3)
MCL/SPA 300 Contact Zones (3)
Arabic Core Hours 12
Other Course Work Required for the Major
Choose at least 12 hours of Arabic courses from the following:
AIS 302 Colloquial Arabic II (3)
AIS 401 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic (3)
AIS 442 Arabic Reading I (3)
AIS 443 Arabic Reading II (3)
AIS 328 Islamic Civilization I (3)
AIS 330 Islamic Civilization II (3)
AIS 338 Women in Islam (3)
AIS 435 Topics: Modern Arabic Literature and Film (3)