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The FLIE/Japanese program aims to help you master Japanese language skills and cultural literacy which, when combined with knowledge in international economics, will prepare you for actively participating in a world of global business, commerce, and industry. Well prepared to become global citizens of the 21st century and make a difference in today’s world, our graduates pursue careers in International Business, International law, Diplomatic Corps, Non-profit organizations, Foreign and Public Service, Tourism, National security, Publishing, Translation, Journalism, and private business. For more information, please contact Dr. Masamichi Inoue at msinoue@uky.edu or 859-257-7024, Patterson Office Tower 1465.
Japanese Language Curriculum for FLIE Majors
FLIE Japanese Core Requirement
JPN 302 Advanced Japanese II (3)
JPN 321 Introduction to Japanese Culture, Meiji (1868) to Present  (3) 
JPN 334 Environment, Society and Economy of Japan (3)
Plus 12 hours from the following list: 
A-H 310 Studies in East Asian Art (Subtitle required)  (3) 
A-H 311, The Arts As Soft Power In International Relations: The Japanese Tea Ceremony (3)
A-H 415G Topical Studies in Art History (Subtitle required) (3) 
COM 525 Organizational Communication (3) 
GEO 333 Geography of East Asia (3) 
GEO 365 Special Topics in Regional Geography (Subtitle required) (3) 
GEO 406G Field Studies (Subtitle required) (1-9) 
GEO/JPN 491G Japanese Landscapes (3)
GEO/JPN 551 Japanese Multinational Corporations (3)
HIS 295 East Asia to 1800 (3)
HIS 296 East Asia Since 1600 (3)
JPN/ENG 283 Japanese Films  (3)
JPN 320, Introduction to Japanese Culture: Premodern to 1868 (3)
JPN 351, The Japanese Experience of the 20th century (3)
JPN 421G Contemporary Literary And Visual Arts Of Japan (3)
JPN 520  Japanese Linguistics and Society (3)
PS 419G The Governments and Politics of Eastern Asia  (3)
and/or other related courses with the approval of the major advisor.
Achievements and Job Placements of Recent Graduates
FLIE-Japanese graduates have gone on to a wide range of fields.  Examples of achievements and job placements of recent graduates include:
CSX Corporation, Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a Japanese tea-ceremony institute, the JET (Japan Exchange and teaching) Program, graduate programs in such schools as University of California-Santa Cruz,  New York University, and George Washington University.  
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