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Resources in Economics

Faculty:  Economics faculty members who teach in the FLIE program have international backgrounds and experience that allow them to teach international economics with a real world perspective.  In addition to teaching program courses, these faculty members are available for advising with regards to course offerings, studying abroad and internship opportunities, graduate school possibilities, and careers in international economics.  

Student Organizations:   The Undergraduate Economics Society is a student run organization that schedules regular meetings for all types of economic majors to discuss economic issues facing us today and to host speakers to complement the classroom experience.  This organization also promotes service activity and career development and other opportunities for undergraduates.

Supplemental Training:  The department has begun to offer supplemental skill training for students who would like to improve their practical skills beyond those offered in the typical classroom setting.  Special training sessions are offered in the use of the statistic package STATA and developmental meetings are scheduled with economic researchers to explain the kind of work they do.