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FLIE Spanish

A FLIE/Spanish major is a student who combines Spanish language and culture with a very thorough grounding in economics to be prepared for employment in international business. Studying Spanish in combination with international economics ensures a strong language foundation and the ability to apply knowledge to real-world economics in Spanish-speaking cultures across the world economy.

For more information, contact Dr. Jorge Medina: or 859-257-7097, 1139 Patterson Office Tower.

Spanish Language Curriculum for FLIE Majors who declared before Fall 2016
Core Requirements: (12 credits)
SPA 302 Spanish for Business Professionals 
SPA 310 Spanish Composition through Textual Analysis
SPA 332 Spanish and Latin American Business Environments
SPA 420 Spanish in the World
Plus 3 of the following: (9 credits) 
SPA 312 Civilization of Spain
SPA 313 Advanced Spanish Language
SPA 314 Civilization of Spanish American
SPA 323 Introduction to Spanish Translation
SPA 350 Hispanic Cities (Subtitle required
SPA 371 Latin American Cinema (Subtitle required)
SPA 372 Spanish Cinema (Subtitle required)
SPA 397 Independent Work in Spanish
SPA 399 Field Based/Community Based Education
+ Any 400+level SPA course
What are graduates doing?: 
Spanish FLIE graduates are prepared for entry-level analyst jobs in international organizations, such as government, international relations, law, for-profit businesses, aid organizations and non-governmental organizations. 
These students are prepared to work for U.S. and United Nations (UN) offices and agencies, including: 
  • US Departments of State or Commerce, and the International Trade Commission
  • UN- related institutions such as regional development banks and various commissions
Additionally, graduates are able to pursue graduate studies in many areas, including Economics, International Business, International Finance or International Political Economy.