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Education Abroad

Students studying German at the University of Kentucky can take advantage of numerous study abroad opportunities, ranging from in length from 6-8 weeks to year. Some programs require no prior language study; other programs require high-intermediate proficiency (approximately 2 years). There are programs that offer courses in English and others that offer courses in particular subject areas, like business. The most popular of these programs are listed below. For complete information please consult the Education Abroad German Studies curriculum MAP.  

Intensive Intermediate German in Mainz (Summer 2019): GER 201 and 202 (transfer equivalent) and GER 206

This program is directed by UK German Studies faculty and taught by them as well as an instructor at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Mainz is located in the scenic central Rhine River valley, known for beautiful landscapes, castles, and quality of life. Students will also experience the urban bustle of Frankfurt am Main, the financial center of the European Union, and the high-tech hub of Darmstadt. Students on the program learn on the campus of the Universität Mainz and interact with German students, with access to campus facilities including sports, library, and cafeteria. Students' immersion in the language and local culture is completed by homestays with local families.

In the six weeks of the program, students complete the equivalent of GER 201 and GER 202, for which they receive transfer credit at UK. In summer, 2019, students also take GER 206 (Spoken Communication), taught by UK faculty as part of the cultural program, for a total of nine credit hours, all for the same program fee. The program fee includes tuition, cultural activities, local and regional group travel, local transportation, campus fees, and homestays. (Airfare not included.)

Questions? Please contact Prof. Nels Jeff Rogers ( See the Education Abroad program page for more information and application link. 

KIIS Summer II Munich High Intermediate Advanced German (300+)

Homestays are the hallmark of the Munich program and make it truly a venture in intercultural living. Students live individually with German families, many of whom themselves have student-age children, in the Olching/Esting/Gröbenzell suburban area of Munich, learning firsthand about daily life in Germany, its institutions, social customs, and cultural practices. Normally students go to parties and outings, attend cultural and sporting events, and sometimes take weekend day-trips with their host families.

While the classroom experiences may at times differ considerably from those on campus, traditional academic features, such as regular class meetings, assignments, exams, and reports or research papers are maintained. Because the homestay element of the program offers a wonderful opportunity to surround oneself with the German language and culture, students wishing to participate must have taken at least twelve hours of college-level German or the equivalent. In this way they will be able to take greater advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know a German family closely. Many, if not most, of the families have participated in the program before and thus understand the needs and desires of the students. All host families, new and old, are chosen because they are ready and willing to help their guests learn the language and understand the culture.

Click on this linke for detailed information about the KIIS Summer Program in Munich.
Director: Prof. Rebeccah Dawson (

Freiburg and Marburg

Both the University of Freiburg and the University of Marburg offer semester-long and year-long exchange programs that are ideal for the junior year. Both of these programs make it possible to pursue formal coursework at one of Germany's premier universities at relatively low cost to students (beyond roundtrip airfare and the cost of normal UK tuition and housing).

For additional information about these programs, please consult the Education Abroad Curriculum MAP or Prof. Nels Jeff Rogers (


In 1951 the University of Kentucky and the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg established a scholarship exchange program for their students. As a result of this agreement qualified students at the University of Kentucky are able to compete each year for two Heidelberg Scholarships. 

These scholarships include UK tuition and cover most of the normal expenses students incur while spending the academic year in Heidelberg. Students remain officially enrolled at UK as well in order to facilitate transfer of credit. Scholarship recipients have a unique opportunity to develop fluency in German, experience German and other European cultures first hand, and gain a new perspective on current German and European affairs. At the same time they will be able to pursue formal coursework at one of Germany's premier universities at relatively little cost to themselves beyond roundtrip airfare and other travel.

The competition is open to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any program at the University of Kentucky. The Heidelberg Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the following criteria: academic achievement; maturity, open-mindedness and adaptability; readiness to learn from studying abroad; ability to communicate in German.

You general questions about the Heidelberg Scholarships, please contact Prof. Nels Jeff Rogers (
In order to apply, please click here.