Major & Minor

Students can major or minor in MCL/German Studies.

In addition, the department supports the FLIE-German major which combines study of the German Language and International Economics.

MCL German Major

The German Studies track of the MCL degree is comprised of four parts: an MCL common core, German Studies Track Requirements, German Studies Track Electives and 2 A&S major electives from related disciplines.

MCL Common Core

  • MCL 100: The World of Language (3)
  • MCL 200: Global Literacy (3)
  • Cross-disciplinary requirement: a course at or above the 200-level offered by MCL in an area other than the student’s major field (3)
  • MCL 495: Independent Study capstone (3)

    Total Core Hours: 12

German Studies Track Requirements

  • GER 315: German Spaces and Places: Subtitle (3)
  • GER 316: German Stories and Identities: Subtitle (3)
  • GER 318: German Culture: Subtitle (3)
  • GER 320: Germany Today: Subtitle (3)

    Total 12 hours

German Studies Track Electives

  • Any four GER course 300+ including MCL 343. [Repeats of GER 315, GER 316, GER 318, GER 320 can be applied here up to 2x with different subtitles.]

    Total 12 hours

2 additional A&S courses related to students’ overall course of study and German Studies. 

Total 6 hours


MCL German Minor

18 hours of GER courses 300+. At leat 6 of these must come from GER 315, GER 316, GER 318, GER 320 and/or GER 507.