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Other Research

Psychology and Law:

My research involving psychology and law focuses on investigating the impact of witness memory in the courtroom. In most of my studies I have studied child witnesses in court, but have now extended my study to include elders as witnesses. These studies have included various court contexts and type of evidence: repressed memory, DNA evidence, hearsay testimony, demeanor of witnesses, type of crime disclosure,type of crime, and the impact of courtroom experts.

Directed/Intentional Forgetting:

My research on memory is centered on understanding the effect of instructions to forget on memory. This phenomena is typically referred to as directed or intentional forgetting. My research has looked at the effectiveness of these instructions in both cognitive and social contexts. In addition, I have examined how information is represented in memory following these cues, and the mechanisms that lead to intentional forgetting.

PSY 395 Opportunities:

If you are an undergraduate at UK and are interested in taking PSY 395 (Independent Study), please stop by my office or contact me via email or a note in my mailbox if you would like to discuss the possibility of doing PSY 395 with me.