Degree Programs


The interdisciplinary minor in Italian Studies provides students with the opportunity to study the language, literature, culture, history, and philosophy of the Italian people beyond first-year Italian language. In addition to Italian language courses, students may choose from electives in different disciplines, taught in Italian or English about ancient and modern Italy, or with significant Italian content. Courses taken on a Study Abroad program may be eligible, if approved by the Italian Minor Director. For more information, contact Dr. Ioana Larco at

The Minor in Italian Studies requires 18 hours of course work to be selected as follows:

I. Minor Requirements (6 hours):     ITA 201 Intermediate Italian                          3

                                                         ITA 202 Intermediate Italian                          3

II. Minor Electives (12 hours):


ITA 263 Studies in Italian Culture: (subtitle required). May be repeated once with different subtitle. No prereq. Fulfills 3 cr. for USP Humanities and UKCore-Inquiry in Humanities.

ITA 300 Italian Conversation and Writing. Prereq: ITA 202 or equivalent. Offered only in Fall.

ITA 301 Italy from Fascism to the present. Prereq: ITA 300 or consent of instructor. Offered only in Spring.

ITA335 Topics in Italian Cinema: (subtitle required). May be repeated once with different subtitle. No prereq. Fulfills 3 cr. for UKCore-Global Dynamics.


ITA 395 Independent Studies in Italian. Prereq: 3.0 standing in the dept. & consent of instructor.




MCL 100- The World of Language

MCL 200- Global Literacy (contains an Italian unit)


Art History                                                                                          


A-H 105 Ancient through Medieval art and architecture

A-H 106 Renaissance through Modern Art

A-H 314 / CLA 314 Ancient (subtitle required)

A-H 334 Reframing Renaissance Art (1400-1520)

A-H 335 Early Modern Art & Visual Culture, 1400-1700 (Subtitle required). May be repeated under a different subtitle to a maximum of six credits. Prereq. A-H 101 or A-H 106



CLA 100 Ancient Stories in Modern Films

CLA 135 Greek and Roman Mythology

CLA 191 (new) Christianity, Culture, and Society: A Historical Introduction             

CLA 210 The Art of Greece and Rome

CLA / HIS 230: The Hellenistic World and Rome to the Death of Constantine                                        

CLA / A-H 313 Studies in Roman Art (Subtitle required)

CLA / HIS 391 Christians in the Roman Empire

CLA / HIS 509 Roman Law




HIS 120 The World at War 1939-45                                  

HIS 121 War and Society, 1914-1945

HIS 230 (cross-listed with Classics)                   

HIS 391 (cross-listed CLA)                                                 

HIS 502 The History of the Roman Republic

HIS 503 History of the Roman Empire

HIS 519 The Era of the Renaissance