Reading List

The German MA exam supposes a general familiarity with German history (including literary history) that students should acquire independently in the course of their studies. Students should reflect this historical and contextual familiarity in their work in seminars and in the responses to the MA exam.

Required Texts:

Historical Overview and Reference Works

Schulze, Hagen. Kleine deutsche Geschichte. München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1998.

Frenzel, Herbert A. and Elisabeth Frenzel. Daten deutscher Dichtung: Chronologischer Abriß der deutschen Literaturgeschichte. München: DTV, 2004. Vol. 1: Von den Anfängen bis zum Jungen Deutschland and Vol. 2: Vom Realismus bis zur Gegenwart.

von Wilpert, Gero. Sachwörterbuch der Literatur. Stuttgart: Kröner, 2001.


Echtermeyer, Ernst Theodor and Benno von Wiese. Deutsche Gedichte von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Berlin: Cornelsen, 2010.

M.A. students should be familiar with the biographical details and historical context of poets and poetic movements treated in their seminars or in previous German courses.

General Reading List (for students who entered the program after August, 2015)

Students are required to keep a list of texts read in their various graduate courses. These texts will be the basis for the general part of the exam. 

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