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M.A. in Teaching World Languages

The goal of the Master of Arts in Teaching World Languages (MATWL) program is to prepare the highest quality language educators for the state of Kentucky and beyond. The MATWL program is designed to prepare candidates who will possess a high level of content knowledge, excel in pedagogy, and perform as competent professional language educators. 

The program is offered in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures in cooperation with the Department of Hispanic Studies and the College of Education. MATWL graduates can be certified to teach Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish.

Typical applicants include anyone with a BA from a US institution or the equivalent, teachers who are employed with an emergency certification and second-career professionals as well as teachers seeking professional development.

The MATWL program offers a number of advantages for applicants in that it can be completed in one year or can be extended to multiple years for those who are unable to take the required courses as full-time students (see courses for more information). Accreditation Information.

Students may also consider a concurrent degree with their field of study and MATWL. Concurrent degrees allow 9 credits to be shared across two Master's degrees. More information is available at MCLLC Graduate Programs/Concurrent Graduate Degree Options.

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