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EES 130: Dinosaurs & Disasters Coming Soon, Spring 2022!!

How did dinosaurs evolve?

Was anything about Jurassic Park and Jurassic World accurate?

What sort of ethical concerns do paleontologists face when collecting?

How did dinosaur collecting land one man in jail for two years, and ruin the friendship of two famous paleontologists?

Are dinosaurs and birds really related?

Were dinosaurs covered in feathers?

What DID kill the dinosaurs?


Answer these questions and more in a class designed specifically for non-science majors.

We will examine fossils to look for clues about how animals lived, play a board game to help us understand evolution, use an online database of dinosaur occurrences for calculating dinosaur origination and extinction, watch a documentary about the ethics of fossil collecting, learn how fossil collecting is intertwined with the history of science in the US and more!

This class will teach you about the science of paleontology with a liberal dash of humanities and social sciences.