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Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

Education Abroad Scholarship

The Russian Education Abroad Scholarship enables qualified students to receive financial assistance to pursue the study of Russian in Russia or one of the former Soviet republics. Scholarships will be awarded through a rolling competition. Students must meet eligibility requirements to apply. Funds can be applied either to travel or tuition.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. 3.5 grade point average in student's major, 3.2 overall grade point average
  2. A demonstrated financial need on the basis of a an itemized budget that explains which financial resources the student can apply to the program cost and how the scholarship funds will be used.

Application Procedures

All applications are submitted electronically.  The student should submit the following documents to Dr. Molly Blasing (

  1. A 2-page, single-spaced essay that details how study in Russia will contribute to the student's major and long-term goals
  2. Itemized budget that shows how the scholarship will be used and what other financial resources the student can apply to the program of study..
  3. 2 letters of recommendation (one from the student's major advisor and one from a professor outside of the Russian program)
  4. Copy of the student's most recent transcript
  5. Application cover sheet (see below)

Scholarship Support

  1. Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis, i.e. throughout the academic year.  There is no fixed deadline for submitting the scholarship application.  Awardees are notified of receipt of a scholarship within 2 weeks after receipt of a complete application.
  2. The Scholarship Committee tries to award at least 2 scholarships per year with a minimum amount of $500.
  3. If funds are to be applied for travel, receipts must be supplied to the department for reimbursement. For more information on other sources of financial support for study abroad, contact the Education Abroad office at 859-257-4067 or at the Education Abroad web page at the Office of International Affairs (be sure to check out their calendar link for the latest on deadlines for scholarships).



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