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Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

UK Russian Studies, MCLLC, and allied concerned University of Kentucky Faculty join institutions across higher education in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are shocked by the Putin regime’s historical distortions, unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, and senseless violence. Some of us were born in the region; many of us have long-standing ties to friends, family members, and scholars living there. As scholars of this region, we commit to providing factual information to help our community understand the issues facing the region.

We stand in solidarity with all the people of Ukraine during this terrible time. We express our solidarity with the citizens of neighboring states – from Belarus, Poland, Moldova, the Baltics, Central Asia, and the Caucasus – who stand for peace, freedom, and independence. We offer our support to those in Russia who oppose this act of aggression and are taking personal risks to advocate for truth, transparency, and an end to the war.

We stand in solidarity with all UK students, faculty, and staff from the region, and we offer our support to them.

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