student success stories

Trevor Strosnider

Earth & Environmental Sciences Undergraduate

Sophronia Taylor

Anthropology Senior

Madison Young

Political Science Senior

Amanda Hatton

Psychology Junior

Katerine Osborne

English Ph.D. Student

Jonathan Powell

Political Science Ph.D. Student

by Rebekah Tilley

Third-year political science graduate student Jonathan Powell is an early riser. By 6:30 each morning the Kentucky native is usually hiking up to Patterson Office Tower to start his day. Yet political science professor Dr. Daniel Morey always manages to beat him there.

Ben Freer

Department of Pyschology Ph.D. Student

by Joy Gonsalves

The Department of Psychology has taught Ben Freer a thing or two about learners. Though this third-year Ph.D. student from the Cognitive Development Program has “always been philosophical about why people behave the way they do,” his academic experience has challenged his perspective on the cognitive differences among us. 

Dustin Zerrer

Linguistics Undergraduate Student

Brian Cole, Matt Feinberg and Michelle Dumais

Hispanic Studies Ph.D. Students

Kiyo Sakamoto

Sociology Ph.D. Student


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