MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages now offers a Master’s degree in TESL.  This program offers courses in linguistics, second language acquisition and teaching pedagogy, including a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning through course projects, practica and a teaching internship.

The program requires 36 graduate credits and can be completed in one and a half years.  We will be accepting applications for Spring, 2014. 

Application:  TESL MA applications are processed through the Graduate School. 

Go to:     (Deadline:  December 1, 2013)

The TESL program can be combined with any MCLLC MA: MCLLC Graduate Programs/Concurrent Graduate Degree Options

TESL Graduate Certificate: The TESL Graduate Certificate (12 cr.) is designed to provide an introduction to the core pedagogical issues and practices in teaching English as a second or foreign language. A TESL (or TESOL) Certificate is a recognized teaching credential in many international educational contexts. The Graduate TESL Certificate curriculum requires 9 graduate credit hours of course work in the TESL program and a supervised teaching practicum (3 cr.). Contact the TESL Director, if you are interested in applying to this program. 

Application: TESL Graduate Certificate applications are processed through the Graduate School.

Go to:


TEFL Certificate Program:  The teaching and learning of English in a foreign language context is the focus of the TEFL Program.  This program combines study in the CESL Program (Center for English as a Second Language) with graduate coursework in the TESL Program.

The primary objectives of the TEFL Program are three-fold:

1. Prepare teachers skilled in supporting the development of English language learners in  the foreign language context;

2. Provide candidates with a rigorous introduction to the core disciplines in English language teaching: linguistics, language acquisition and pedagogy;

3. Provide candidates with field-based experiences in order to develop practical knowledge and skills in foreign language classroom teaching practices.  


  All inquiries should be directed to: 

Dr. Francis Bailey
Director of TESL MA Program
Associate Professor
Modern and Classical Languages
1051 Patterson Office Tower
University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY 40506

Phone:  859-257-7025

Officers of the Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures are:

1055 Patterson Office Tower
University of Kentucky
Lexington KY 40506-0027
ph: 859-257-3761
fax: 859-257-3743

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