Laura Manning

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  • Interdisciplinary Program in Education Sciences
  • Modern & Classical Languages Literatures & Cultures
338 Dickey Hall
  • Other Affiliations:

2016 M. A. University of Kentucky, Classics

2016 Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies, University of Kentucky

2014 B.A. Montclair State University Latin, Classics


I have 3 sons who are 31, 29, and 25 years old, and 6 beautiful grandchildren. We have a dog named Regi, short for Regina, and a cat named Cloe, short for Cloelia.  

I spent much of my adulthood raising my family, and then went back to college to become a Latin teacher. I taught Latin in New Jersey for ten years before resuming my education. In my spare time, when I'm not speaking and reading Latin or sharing the ups and downs of life with my family, I play the flute and the piccolo.

I became a Latin teacher, but not because of some innate love of grammar. Twenty-five centuries of Latin speaking people got me hooked. The fact that people living from a very long time ago and on down through the centuries felt the same emotions and shared many of the same experiences that we face today - and spoke and wrote so vividly about them - made such a deep and lasting impression on my that I had to read more. And now I'm spending a significant part of my life sharing that with others. What a gift!

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