Laura Manning

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  • Interdisciplinary Program in Education Sciences
  • Modern & Classical Languages Literatures & Cultures
338 Dickey Hall
  • Other Affiliations:

2016 M. A. University of Kentucky, Classics

2016 Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies, University of Kentucky

2014 B.A. Montclair State University Latin, Classics


I have 3 sons who are 28, 26, and 21 years old, and now I'm a grandma! My granddaughter just turned two in July. We have a dog named Regi, short for Regina, and a cat named Cloe, short for Cloelia.  

I spent much of my adulthood raising my family, and then I went back to college to become a Latin teacher. I taught Latin in New Jersey for ten years before resuming my education. In my spare time, when I am not speaking and reading Latin or sharing the ups and downs of life with my family, I play the flute and the piccolo.

I became a Latin teacher, but not because of some innate love of grammar. Twenty-five centuries of Latin speaking people got me hooked. The fact that people living from a very long time ago and on down through the centuries felt the same emotions and shared many of the same experiences that we face today - and spoke and wrote so vividly about them - made such a deep and lasting impression on my that I had to read more. And now I'm spending a significant part of my life sharing that with others. What a gift!

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