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Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

The Swift/Longacre/Scaife Fellowship

The Swift/Longacre/Scaife Fellowship, named after long-serving UK Classics professor Louis Swift, long-serving Georgetown College professor Ruth Longacre, responsible for sending so many Latin teachers to Kentucky schools, and Digital Classics pioneer Ross Scaife from the UK Classics faculty, whose brilliant career was tragically cut short.  This fellowship - amounting to several thousand dollars - is awarded to a graduate student in Classics for a year of study.  The awardee alternates each year between a student planning to go on to PhD studies in Classics after his or her time at UK, and a student planning to go into teaching Latin in schools.

The McClellan Scholarship for Underrepresented Students in Classics

This scholarship is designed to support studies in Classics for a student belonging to an underrepresented group. The scholarship will be worth $1,000 and it will be awarded to a student with a Minor or Major in Classics.

William Exmew Active Latin Fund

This fund was established in honor of UK Professors Dr. Terence Tunberg and Dr. Milena Minkova, from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures in the College of Arts and Sciences. The primary purpose of the fund is to support the students of Active Latin.