Film & Media Studies

Film and Media Studies are represented in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures by faculty members working on a wide range of national cinematic traditions. The Department offers both introductory and more specialized courses on the historical and theoretical developments of world cinema; lower level courses on film are taught in English. These courses explore the technological and philosophical origins of film and visual media; the transformations of cinema style as they relate to modernity and modernism, various aesthetic avant-gardes, and political and social movements; and the points of influence and exchange that inform Eastern and Western traditions, ancient and modern worlds, European and colonial contexts.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (in conjuction with the Departments of English, Hispanic Studies, Philosophy, and Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies) offers an Undergraduate Certificate in International Film Studies that gives students the opportunity to formalize their film coursework in this specialized subfield.

The faculty members of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures who are currently engaged in research and teaching in the area of Film and Media Studies include:

Molly T. Blasing history of Russian cinema; post-Soviet Russian cinema; contemporary Russian theater and performance culture; post-Soviet television and internet culture

Harald Höbusch, German Studies (Weimar Cinema, Bergfilm (Mountain Films) and Expedition Films)

Ioana Larco, Italian Studies

Liang Luo, Chinese-language film, film music, inter-media experimentation in drama, opera, and film

Jeffrey N. Peters, French and Francophone Studies

Suzanne Pucci, Performance Studies: French Theater and Italian Commedia dell’ Arte

Robert Rabel, Classics

Jeff Rogers, German Studies

Leon Sachs, French and Francophone Studies

Douglas Slaymaker, Japan Studies


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