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An Interview with Ron Leshem

Patterson Office Tower B3
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Ron Leshem and Tikva Meroz-Aharoni

You are invited to hear an interview with Ron Leshem who is a celebrated novelist, journalist, and screenwriter for television and films. As a reporter in the West Bank and Gaza, his work appeared in Yediot Ahronot, Ma’ariv, and Le Monde. His first novel, Beaufort, won the Sapir Prize, Israel’s top literary award. The film adaptation of Beaufort, which Leshem co-wrote, earned him an Academy Award nomination in 2007 for Best Foreign Language Film.

Tikva Meroz-Aharoni is the Schusterman Visiting Professor for Israel Studies at the University of Kentucky. She teaches in the Jewish Studies Program. This fall, she is teaching courses in Hebrew language, literature, and film.
Prof. Meroz-Aharoni will interview Mr. Leshem regarding his experiences as a journalist and how those experiences influenced the writing of his novel. The process of adapting a literary text into a film and the ramifications of writing on controversial topics will also be discussed. Attendees are also invited to participate in a Q & A with Mr. Leshem.

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