Placement Exams

COVID-19 changes:

We are not currently offering computer-based placement testing due to the pandemic. To determine your language placement, please use the following guidelines:

  • For languages offered in our department, select the language you have studied below and click the link to take you to information about placement in that language.
  • We are not currently offering testing in Languages Not Taught at UK. Please revisit this site and the link at the bottom of the page after the pandemic.

Have you studied a language before? Do you want to continue, but are not sure what level to enroll in? Do you want to see if you have met the equivalency for the UK language requirement in languages taught at UK? Click on the links below to learn details about how to be placed and to find the names of people to contact with questions.











If you are interested in taking a test in a language not taught at UK to determine if you have met the UK language requirement, click on the link below. These tests will not award credit on your transcripts, but only provide equivalency for the language requirement.

Languages Not Taught at UK (not offered Spring 2021)