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Modern & Classical Languages Literatures & Cultures Emeritus Faculty Directory

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Associate Professor, Arabic and Islamic Studies
Islam in America, Islamic Studies
Director of TESL MA Program
L2 Classroom Discourse Analysis Educational Research
1051 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emerita
women's literature, fairy tales, cultural history
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Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies, emeritus
Division of Russian and Eastern Studies
Professor of German Studies Emeritus
Germanophone literature and culture since Nietzsche, especially literature and politics since 1989
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Second Century C.E, Later Roman Empire, Ancient Religion & Early Christianity, Visuality in Literature & Visual Aspects of Cultural Production
Professor Emeritus, Russian and Eastern Studies
Russian avant-garde poetry of 20th c. Moscow Conceptualism
1055 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Greek Literature, Plutarch
Professor Emerita
Greek and Latin literature, Erasmus' biblical paraphrases
1055 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus, French and Francophone Studies
Professor Emerita, French and Francophone Studies
Italian Studies
Enlightenment Literature and culture, Intimacy in early modern France, Theater and Performance studies, Commedia dell'arte
1027 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
Greek Literature and Philosophy, Homer, Classical Tradition
Professor Emerita, Russian Studies
Russian language, Language Pedagogy, Pre-WWII Stalinist Culture
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Emeritus
Early Christian Studies, Augustine, War and Peace in Early Christianity, Religion in America
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