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Cultural Studies

The MCLLC faculty in the Cultural Studies cluster explores global arts, texts, performances, discourses, ideas, movements, relationships, institutions, and material objects, to name a few, from multidisciplinary perspectives. We examine how these cultural practices have been expressed within changing political, economic, and social contexts. In exploring the multitude of cultural practices, we address questions of nationhood, identity, race/ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality, power, history, post/colonialism, post/modernity, globalization, the environment, and other issues of theoretical significance.

Molly T. Blasing, 20th c. Russian culture; visual arts; photography and writing; madness in Russian literature and culture; political performance in contemporary Russia; media and internet culture

Jianjun HeEarly Chinese intellectual history; Classical Chinese poetry and late-imperial vernacular fiction

Harald Höbusch, German Studies; Weimar Germany; Sport, Gender, Nation; Alpinism; Himalaya Mountaineering

Masamichi Inoue, Ethnography in Okinawa, in Japan, and in the U.S.

Liang Luo, International avant-garde and modern China; performance, politics, and popularity in Chinese literature and popular culture

Jeffrey Peters, Early Modern French Literature and Culture; Philosophies of Space; Masculinity and Rhetoric

Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Russian Rituals in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras; Vernacular Religion and the Legend Tradition from the 19th century to the present

Douglas Slaymaker, Film; Visual Arts; 20th-Century Japanese Fiction; Japanese Experience of France; Travel and Travel Writing