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Degree Programs


The undergraduate major in MCLLC/Russian Studies is designed to produce an integrated knowledge of Russian language, literature, culture, history, politics and society.  Furthermore, the Russian program at UK seeks to enhance students’ ability to think critically and communicate effectively in global and cross-cultural contexts.  It also aims to provide the broadest possible base for further study of Russia and the former Soviet Union. The Russian faculty does research on their areas of expertise in order to inform their teaching, as well as to increase knowledge of Russia in the world at large by disseminating their research results on the national and international levels. 

Students also can pursue a degree in FLIE/Russian Studies.  This combined Foreign Language & International Economics/Russian Studies program couples work in economics and business with courses in Russian language and culture.  The degree provides students with a strong background with which to pursue careers in government, business, and non-governmental organizations.

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